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The Kite Board Open

We say it every year but it really is so good to go back to Noordwijk, in the Netherlands for the KBO. At the end of a really busy tour on the road for 7 weeks, the KBO is just what the ExPix crew needed. Super chilled, super vibe and the best hospitality ever; it’s getting to feel more like home every year. And when we comment on this we’re told, “It’s because you’re family”.

Over the past few years the wind hasn’t played ball for the KBO but by introducing more sports such as skim boarding, SUP and skate, and more live music, the crew from KSN Surf Club in Noordwijk have turned the KBO into a true beach lifestyle festival; getting round the age old problem of windless events.

But prayers were certainly answered for 2015 as the wind kicked in on Friday just as the build was almost complete. Eager to prove that he can actually kite, Heiko Cramer, one of the founders of the KBO enjoyed his first session on the water at a KBO event in 10 years; so passing the reins on has some advantages after all, eh Heiko!

And the wind stayed around so Saturday was a full day of action with the Rookie Competition in the afternoon and an Expression Sessions in the evening. With the wind blowing strong, there were so many riders on the water, apparently 82 were counted at one point and the safety guys were kept busy patrolling, making sure no one was hurt. Big moves were being pushed out; just check some of the kiteloop positions in the images.

In addition to the kite comps, the Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open, the official ranking of the Dutch stop of the European Skimboarding Championships was held. This is the first time that the championships have been held at the KBO and they proved to be a huge success. It was great to get more shots of Adrien Raza competing, especially as we’ve still got the pictures from his early years when he was skim boarding, ollieing over his mate!

There was action at the half pipe too as BMX, skateboard and scooter riders took to the ramp as a variety of live bands played on the House of Music stage. With a skate and date show; two clueless audience members sitting in the middle of the ramp whilst the guys did their stuff around them and a dodgeball type session where the skaters had to try and not be knocked over by a swinging tyre, there was plenty to watch.

The music continued into the night in the marquee with the Gallowstreet Brass Band. But don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t like any brass band we’ve ever seen. As the 10 piece band described themselves, “they come forth to trap, ensnare and deliver the hardest-hitting brass noise you've never heard before” and boy did they do just that! These sounds, inspired by the nightlife in Amsterdam would be perfect at any house festival. Check them out or YouTube or better still grab a copy of their Gallowstreet album when it’s released later this year.

When time was called at the event site, it was over to Oak in Noordwijk for the After Party with Len10 on the decks.

Sunday and the wind had dropped but with plenty to do at the event site and skim boarding and SUP clinics, there was still plenty of action.

Sunday night was the legendary KBO Party and with a sell-out event the marquee was packed. With a mixture of live bands and DJs, including Orange Grove, DJ Okkie, The Cool Quest, DJ Hidde M and Ruben Lenten, dancers and a Miami Vice theme, the atmosphere was buzzing. We'll let the images do the talking as words just can't describe the atmosphere.

Rookie Contest
1.    Rover Dullaart
2.    Lars de Groot
3.    Jules Westerhof
4.    Joris Herrewijn

1.    Pippa van Iersel
2.    Senne Bruijn
3.    Sorsha van der Ark
4.    Eva Veltkamp

Expression Session
1.    Felix Maks

Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open/European Skim Boarding Championships
1.    Adrien Raza
2.    Semjon Szillat
3.    Mariusz Wojt
4.    Marcin Kakol
5.    Michal Puchalski
6.    Max Grzechowiak
7.    Kor Vd Vegt
8.    Michal Amba
9.    Mees Oostdijk
10.    Kuba Groth


And to finish off, the final image selection is from the event site itself. Just take a look at the number of flags, brands and people enjoying a day at the beach. There is no other festival like the KBO and that's why ExPix are already making plans to go back again in 2016!

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