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Masters of Dirt at the M.E.N Arena 2012

Master of Dirt Fuelled by Monster Energy – UK Tour, Manchester MEN Arena, Friday 16th March 2012

It’s Monster Time!

Fresh from Wembley Arena, the Masters of Dirt (MOD) squad hit the MEN Arena in Manchester on Friday 16th March for the last stop of the MOD UK tour.


Arriving in the afternoon ahead of rehearsals, the ExPix team watched as the build got under way. With no room for error and tape measures at the ready, the riggers got busy setting the FMX ramps at exactly the right distance. Elsewhere giant Monster cans were inflated, signage was erected and spotlights were checked all ready for the night’s action. Meanwhile back in the paddock, the mechanics were busy fine tuning bikes as the riders started to arrive for the practise session.

With the session over and final checks done; the doors opened and the arena started to fill as the lights dimmed and DJ Mosaken hit the decks.

The show opened with a pyrotechnic display, and, if things weren’t already hot enough, The Fuel Girls, with their fire dancing and fire breathing, set the temperature soaring!

As the girls continued to gyrate and the music pumped, the crowds were introduced to the first riders of the show; UK ‘s very own Chris Birch, Alastair Sayer from Botswana, Africa, Austrian Bilko Williams, Edgar Torronteras and Andreu Lacodeguy from Spain and Jon Guetter from USA.

With engines revving, the freestyle motocross riders pulled out all the stops for the ‘whip’ contest, giving the crowds a taste of the action that they had been eagerly waiting for. Edgar Torronteras took first place, proceeding to thank the crowd for their support by giving an impromptu burst of his beatboxing skills!


Next up was a display of synchronised FMX riding. Then, pushing it to another level, the quad bike hit the ramps as the crowds cheered.


Libor Podmol Znosim and Tomas Barta Vlasim from the Czech Republic followed on their 50cc mini bikes, whilst, not to be out done, Bienevido Aguida from Spain, Sam Reynolds from UK and Patrick Guimez from France showed what can be done with a mountain bike or BMX on a 12 meter gap over a FMX ramp, especially if you’re being towed in by a motorbike!


After more FMX displays, including Combo Sessions, Battle of the Champions and Flip Progression; Norway’s Jostein Stenberg left the crowds gasping as he performed a backflip on a snowmobile.

The night finished with a ‘Final Mayhem’ session, where all riders took to the floor for one last display and then the crowds dispersed for the ‘signing session’.

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