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With Bonfire night looming, Sheffield Cable Ski had decided to put on a Bonfire Night, night ride for Sheffield Cable Waterski at nightits regular customers as a way of an end of season special! With glow sticks, sodium and halogen lights and obviousy a few packets of coloured gunpowder the night was a BIG success. For those of you who thought it was too cold, too far or just too much effort you missed a treat!

We arrived at around 5.30 to find the cable park packed with a crowd of people eagerly waiting for the set up to be completed. With a mix of riders from groms to parents!!!! ........there was going to have to be some sort of queueing system put in place. 

Andy of Sheffield Cable was busy putting glow sticks on the cable carriers, riders and just about anything that needed to be seen during the session. The younger riders were raring to go; the older ones were a little more reserved due to the cold that was begining to bite! With a chilly wind, fingers and toes were going to suffer a little but it didnt seem to detract from the overall enthusiasm.

We managed to get some shots from the banks, but with distance and irergularity of tricks from the younger riders ..mainly due to not being able to see properly.. we struggled to get anything decent. We moved onto the boat and immdediately the images started to appear! With the fun box and kickers starting to look enticing to everyone it gave us a little more to point at. We went back to the dock as riders started to produce moves closer to the sides.

With people starting to feel the cold it was time to stop the cable and start the fireworks. A 15min display led into a sausage, jacket potato and mushy peas supper which went down well with spectators and riders a like.

So as the evening came to a close we packed up and headed back to base to sort out the images.

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