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valhala drop in Havok Bike ParkHavok Bike Park hosted their Summer Sessions event on 29/30 July 2017. Everything was going to plan until the Friday before when torrential downpours hit the North West and people seemed to disappear, why, because it was too wet? .......Well check this out because this is what you missed!!

Havok Bike Park, although it's on the Pennines in Yorkshire, still manages to be rideable even in really bad weather! Yes its wet and slippy and a little muddy in places but what's wrong with that? It makes you concentrate just a little more on the features and when picking your line through the trees.

For those that turned up, it meant that they had space to ride and if they could find the ExPix Photographer, almost exclusive time for photo's; a bit like a personal pro shoot!

And with more work and improvements completed, Havok is fast becoming a first choice spot for riding. So with there being plenty of space and time, we focused on trying to make the obstacles as big as they actually are, as we've noticed that some of the photographs and video don't do the features any justice.

With a couple of new faces arriving early on Saturday, we sessioned the new drop in on the Valhalla run and also the 'big one' in the middle of the run. The shots make it look like the location is somewhere in the swamps in Florida with the moss hanging from the trees, but we think we have the perspective right as the height is clearly visible in the pics.

What can we say..........It's INSANE! Hats (or helmets) off to those that gave it a go!

Sat afternoon was more concentrated around the wall ride at the bottom of the course and some of the jumps near the hut, with quite a bit of chill time in between to review the photos and try and latch on to different riders as they took breaks or pushed up to the top.

The evening brought out the music. And being located in some 'remote' woods meant that they could crank up the volume, with the party lasting until the diesel in the generator ran out at 3.30am!

During the night it rained pretty hard again so unfortunately the plans for shooting the bigger features in the first half of the course had to be shelved. The landings had become a little boggy and slippery. It was a shame as the riders were really getting dialled in. We moved down the red track to the gap below the table top and the big 180 berm and later went back to the free ride section before the tail whip comp on the table top. This also provided a few sketchy moments as riders tried to whip the obstacle for the first time while others pushed for height with more style.

We didn't take as many pictures as we normally do, but check out the ones we got and for those that didn't show .... bad luck you missed a blast!

Havok Bike Park Summer Sessions Mountian Bike Images

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