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What to know when or where the extreme and action sports events are happening or taking place?
Then you’re in the right place!
ExPix have the most comprehensive directory of extreme sports events and action sports events listings all in one place. 
We’ve got up to date information on upcoming events for extreme and action sports anywhere in the world, with everything from urban sport events to water sport events and everything in between.
And we’ve got 3 easy ways for you to find what you’re looking for:

All Events – Covering a wide range of extreme and action sports, check out All Events to find the most comprehensive list of extreme and actions sports events around the world. Want to see a full list of events for each sport; then scroll over the All Events menu tab and click on the individual sports.

Events Calendar – If you want to know what’s happening on a specific date then the extreme and action sports Events Calendar is the place to be.  Scroll over the listings on your chosen date to see a brief description of each event taking place that day. And for more event information, just click on the individual listing.

Events Map – Use the Events Map to find an event near you. Expand the map to find extreme and action sports events in your area; click on individual tags for a brief description of each event or click on the event name in the tag for more event information.
Alternatively search the extreme sports map and actions sports map by name, description, location, category and tags using the search button facility at the top of the map.

And if you want to know more about an event, missed it or want to relive it then check out the ExPix Event Reports for articles and images from events that ExPix have covered. Go to the Event Reports page to see all the reports or click on the link in the event listing description to see a report from a specific event. 

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