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Havok Bike Park using the ExPix kit at Northern Grip 2018ExPix attended Northern Grip Mountain Bike Festival last weekend, not in our usual capacity as event photographers, but as support crew for Havok Bike Park.

Havok wanted to promote their bike park at the festival and needed a gazebo and use of equipment to display their videos and images. And the guys knew just who to turn to for a quick fix.

Having partnered with Havok for quite a few of their events, ExPix were the perfect support crew; we brought the kit and threw in some cracking images from Havok Bike Park’s events of riders hitting the big stuff too!

Havok also had an offer on that anyone showing a Northern Grip receipt would get a discount on a days riding over in Cornholme.

So why Northern Grip?

Well as their website tells you:


Northern Grip has it all; half a mile away from the festival site in Lee Quarry there are trails from 3km to 30km for those brave enough to endure the heat.

And for those who wanted a more leisurely day there was a real festival atmosphere back at the event site in Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire; trade stands, demo bikes, food and drink, music, camping, and live world cup football too!

Running the kit back at the site, ExPix helped Havok stream videos of their bike park; arguably one of the best downhill places in the country. And whilst we didn’t make it to the quarry, we did get the chance to check out the stalls and a couple really stood out.

Little Rippers have been steadily growing their MTB Facebook group with the aim of getting kids and parents out together to enjoy the outdoors on their bikes. They have organised a few meetups across the country and have watched as their kids bounce off each other’s confidence and abilities, learning as they rip up the trails together!

The idea of being able to ride with your kids and get out and enjoy your bike is what Little Rippers is all about, and we have to agree it’s great. Bringing in fresh blood to the MTB community whilst allowing Mum and Dad to get out and ride with people in the same position. Watching the ‘Little Rippers’ take on the range of sender ramps in the demo area it appears that the idea is working well.

Sender Ramps. Well built, good size range, and modular. This relatively new product from a company that builds climbing walls, was set up as a side project and what a great idea. Most of the ramps are able to fit in a reasonable size van making them portable.

With addition legs, you can add in bridges to make table tops and can even build your own track! For kids, even big ones, there’s plenty to keep you occupied, especially if you have a few together.

See below or the ExPix Facebook page for more images from Saturday.

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