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BMX Park Podium

With a European schedule that can only be described as rammed, ExPix arrived at FISE on Sunday for the ‘Final’s Day’. The weather was scorching and the crowds were out. Montpellier never fails to deliver an all action event and the atmosphere is usually buzzing!

Up first for ExPix was the BMX Flat Pro and as, Alberto Moya, Alexandre Jumelin, Bo Wade, Dan Hennig, Dustyn Alt, Hernandez Varo, Jean Bukhon, JéRéMy Brosset, Kevin Jacob, Kevin Nikulski, Matthias Dandois and Thomas Noyer took to the floor, the crew knew that the early morning start had been worth it. What these guys can do on a bike is unbelievable.
Matthias Dandois was on fire but when it came down to the final call, Alex Jumelin took the podium spot.
BMX Flat Pro Results:
1.    Alexandre Jumelin
2.    Matthias Dandois
3.    Alberto Moya
4.    Thomas Noyer
5.    Kevin Jacob
6.    Kevin Nikulski
7.    Hernandez Varo
8.    Dustyn Alt
9.    Dan Hennig
10.    Jean Bukhon
11.    JéRéMy Brosset
12.    Bo Wade

Next up and it was the Wakeboard Pro Finals. 2013 winner Dominik Hernler gave an outstanding performance to claim another FISE title. With 2 runs on each course Dominiks' variation and style grabbed the judges' attention ahead of Aaron Gun who had a two really good runs on the rails. Bob Soven was unlucky just missing out to Aaron with a massive 360 on to the wall on his first run and some huge air of the kickers.

Wakeboard Pro Final Results:
1.    Dominik Hernler 90.25 pts
2.    Aaron Gun 84.00 pts
3.    Bob Soven 81.50 pts
4.    Julian Cohen 78.50 pts
5.    Antoine Allaux75.75 pts
6.    John Dreiling

The last event of the day was the BMX Park Pro Final. With the crowds crammed into every available view point and space, it’s safe to say that this is what they’d come to see. FISE favourite Mark Webb was back in action but could only manage a 4th place although his run was cleverly put together to push the other riders. Daniel Sandoval however just didn't know when to stop, huge air and tweaking every trick to the limit he took the first place.

BMX Park Pro Final Results:
1.    Daniel Sandoval
2.    Logan Martin
3.    Kevin Peraza
4.    Mark Webb
5.    Brian Fox
6.    Pat Casey
7.    Mike Varga
8.    Brock Horneman
9.    Alex Coleborn
10.    Nick Bruce
11.    Daniel Wedemeijer
12.    Jack Clark

Exciting times are ahead for FISE 2016. At a press conference today the organisers announced partnerships with the Federation Internationale de Roller Sport and the UCI.

The Union Cycliste Internationale, (UCI) is integrating BMX Freestyle Park as a new UCI discipline and with it comes the launch of the first ever UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup. Calling on the expertise of the Hurricane Action Sports Company, the organisation behind FISE, UCI President Brian Cookson announced that the first edition of the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup, a three round competition held in 2016, will be part of the FISE World Series.

In a similar move the Federation Internationale de Roller Sport, (FIRS) will incorporate Freestyle Roller and they too are launching a competition; FIRS Roller Freestyle World Championships, which will also be held at FISE. President of FIRS, Aracu Sabatino speaks highly of FISE, noting the work the organisers do to promote roller sports, the huge following that FISE has within the action sports community and the way in which the company has expanded globally with the FISE World Series.

For a series which already has such tremendous following, these partnerships are sure to put FISE well and truly up there with the very best of action sports events. 

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