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SKA Wave Jam 2012

Following on from the success of their inaugural wave event at Porthcawl in 2011, the Student Kitesurfing Association (SKA) returned to Rest Bay on 11 - 12th February 2012 for Wave Jam, the second of their National Tour stops.

After last year’s Wave Jam, which proved to be the windiest event the SKA held all year, expectations were high. But prayers were left unanswered as the wind remained as elusive as the four leaf clover.

Fortunately the crew from Blast Kiteboarding were on hand and soon deplored SUP and surf boards for those students who were brave, or should that be, mad enough to face the cold.

And after the legendary SKA party on Saturday night, it was ‘interesting’ to watch the students’ attempts to master the balance boards on Sunday morning!

So despite the lack of wind, the weekend was as good as ever, with those students that had attended being glad that they had made the effort.

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