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O Neil Coldwater Classic 2011 Thurso Scotland

The forecast looked epic for the O'Neill Coldwater Classic in Thurso, Scotland and despite a heavy weekend ahead, it was too good to miss for ExPix. So after a very long day in the office we hit the road and drove the 480 miles through the night to just about as far north as you can get!. Only in it's early years, the O'Neill Coldwater Classic is gaining momentum as an event and a reputation for producing some great surfing.

Heres a short video from the 2nd day of competition during thE O'Neill Coldwater Classic at Thurso East in Scotland unfortunately we were taking still photographs as well so werent able to concentrate on the video. However heres a taster from Thurso.

This is the first time that ExPix have been up to Thurso and we weren't disappointed!

The waves were pumping in on the low tide and with a slight offshore breeze they looked sweet. The weather wasn't too bad, a light drizzle which kept the light dull and slightly hazy at a distance. This certainly didn't deter the surfers who had travelled from around the world to compete in the 6* ASP event. Several British riders were taking part this year alongside Brazilian, American, Australian, New Zealanders and French.

Excitement was running high as the conditions were probably the best they have been in Thurso for this competition and the surfers were making the most of it; barrels, aerials, cut backs and 360's were all on the score sheets as they made their way through the first 20 heats before the end of the day. With 30 minute heats that's a lot to get through and there's still another 4 more heats to be run tomorrow. In the meantime check out some of the pics from today and we'll try and get a gallery online before the end of the week.

Looking forward to tomorrow - ExPix

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