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ExPix know a thing or two when it comes to events;
we’ve been around, we’ve served our time.
We’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly; seen the highs and the lows.
We know what works, where the pit falls are and how to avoid them.
And we’ve channelled this experience and knowledge to create a range of services and marketing platforms for event organisers and project managers; all specifically designed to:
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Raise the Profile of Your Event
  • Increase Footfall
  • Engage Your Target Audience
  • Boost Social Media Connectivity
  • Generate Media Coverage
  • Maximise ROI for Investors
Whether we’re working on an existing project, or developing a new creation; from event planning through to execution, ExPix have the skill and experience to deliver.
And when it comes to Event PR, ExPix have that covered too:
ExPix don’t just take the picture; we tell the whole story.
And by sharing it………………..we create an audience for your event!
Event Management, Consultancy, Marketing, Sponsorship, PR, Press Releases, Media Management, Social Networking, Photography, Event Images, PR Shoots, Photo Booths, Film Production, Event Videos, Live Streaming, Promo Clips, Raw Footage, Website Design, Graphic Design, Athlete Management.
Want to know more?
Find out what ExPix can do for your event, for your sponsors, for your athletes and for your audience.
Together we can make it happen!

Customer Quotes

“ExPix have been the best solution to our PR and night shot needs with some of the best images demonstrating the action on and off the water”.

Stuart Marston,

Event Organiser
London Night Jump
& Plastic Playground
Liquid Leisure

Customer Quotes

Working in the Outer Hebrides brought unforeseen challenges for the crew. With poor weather in Oban and a cancelled ferry; “ExPix turned a potential crisis into a global media opportunity and this advantageous marketing only comes with experience and intuition.” “A fantastic company, with a great network” -Elaine Cleary
Local Development Office, North Uist/ Economic Development Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

Customer Quotes

“For us the photography, media and PR services delivered by ExPix far exceeded the expectations of Synergy Kitesports, our local authority and the community in which we work in gaining the exposure our event and venue required. When you put so much effort into organising an event, you would be stupid not to reward your efforts with the exposure ExPix can provide”
Mark Davies,
Synergy Kitesports, Fraserburgh, Scotland

Customer Quotes

“Even during days where the weather was not ideal for photos and reports, ExPix was able to focus on the positive elements of the competition and create interest on Social Media”
Steve Jones,
Event Organiser
St Pierre La Mer

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