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Using Extreme Sports Sponsorship as a marketing tool is big business and the benefits can be staggering. But making the wrong investment can be just as costly to your reputation and brand image as to your company’s finances. And trying to get the right deal with the highest return on investment can be a minefield.
When it comes to extreme sports, ExPix has a wealth of experience and an unprecedented and unique insight into the extreme, action sports and lifestyle industries. We’ve seen companies utilise Extreme Sports Sponsorship in the best possible way, and sadly, we’ve seen when it just doesn’t work. Providing our clients with advice in relation to marketing strategies, is step one in the sponsorship process.
You could say we’ve got a ‘sixth sense’ when it comes to sniffing out sponsorship potential. Using this to identify and evaluate appropriate extreme and action sports sponsorship opportunities and negotiating rights for our clients is step two.
Step three is sponsorship activation and management. Securing the sponsorship deal is only half the job; implementing your marketing strategy, nurturing connectivity, overseeing publicity and PR campaigns and managing media relations is where we maximise your ROI.
From sponsorship consultancy, to rights acquisition, to sponsorship management and activation, to new business introductions; ExPix are expertly placed to provide you with the very best in Extreme Sports Sponsorship Services.
If you’re looking to launch your product or break into the extreme sports or action sports industries, want to establish your brand in an already competitive market, or want to explore brand alignment opportunities, talk to us.
Athlete Sponsorship Services
Looking for new sponsors?
Want to know how to improve your chances?
From Consultancy to Compilation of Sponsorship Proposals and Sponsorship Sourcing & Management;
The ExPix Athlete Sponsorship Services are designed to increase your sponsorship potential.

Customer Quotes

“ExPix have been the best solution to our PR and night shot needs with some of the best images demonstrating the action on and off the water”.

Stuart Marston,

Event Organiser
London Night Jump
& Plastic Playground
Liquid Leisure

Customer Quotes

Working in the Outer Hebrides brought unforeseen challenges for the crew. With poor weather in Oban and a cancelled ferry; “ExPix turned a potential crisis into a global media opportunity and this advantageous marketing only comes with experience and intuition.” “A fantastic company, with a great network” -Elaine Cleary
Local Development Office, North Uist/ Economic Development Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

Customer Quotes

“For us the photography, media and PR services delivered by ExPix far exceeded the expectations of Synergy Kitesports, our local authority and the community in which we work in gaining the exposure our event and venue required. When you put so much effort into organising an event, you would be stupid not to reward your efforts with the exposure ExPix can provide”
Mark Davies,
Synergy Kitesports, Fraserburgh, Scotland

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