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Ice Project team

The early polar explorers knew all too well the dangers of freezing conditions. With clothing made of natural materials; keeping warm and dry was an ongoing battle. Layers were used to trap air but clothing was often too tight causing the explorers to sweat, and once wet, rather than acting as an insulating layer, heat was conducted away from the body. With wet clothing susceptible to freezing, moving was difficult and hypothermia and frostbite were common place, as too was loss of life or a limb. Durability and design played their parts too; Ernest Henry Shackleton is reported to have dug out material with a knife from an open wound on his knee caused by frostbite when he tore his trousers during the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09. It’s safe to say that the clothing of the early expedition days wasn’t designed to withstand such bitter and unforgiving conditions.

Over the years  lessons have been learnt, and whilst the fundamental principles remain the same, the developments in polar clothing have been huge. When you’re facing some of the most extreme temperatures the world has seen, -94.7C (-135.8F) recorded in Antarctica in August 2010; having the right clothing really can mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately technology has given rise to synthetic fibres and the use of these materials now means that winter clothing is hardwearing, windproof, waterproof and breathable, yet lightweight too. This, in no small part, has added to both safety and endurance for modern day explorers.


One of the brands capitalising in this technology is MUSTO. After 50 years of producing cutting-edge performance apparel for the sailing, equestrian and shooting industries, MUSTO have launched their multisport Evolution range which features the Expedition Collection.  The range, focusing on design and performance innovation, is built on the principles that have seen the brand become leaders in sailing.


MUSTO told ExPix; “The Expedition Collection is designed for the adventurer at heart. We have taken our expertise from the sea and have placed it in the mountains, on the slopes and in the wilds of Antarctica. The collection features a range of clothing and accessories that can withstand the most extreme conditions. Evolution Range.

We’ve taken our inspiration from the endeavors of world-renowned explorers of the Arctic Archipelago and we’ve mixed that with innovative technology and style to produce a range of clothing and accessories that meet the demands of today’s adventurers.

Firstly we use the very best in performance fabrics; Primaloft® Gold Down Blend insulation, (a technology used by the U.S Marines and Special Forces), two-layer, waterproof GORE-TEX® fabric, LYCRA® and Clarino™ to ensure comfort, warmth and protection as well as stylish designs.

And then we test our products to an inch of their lives in the world’s most hostile environments, and in the labs, enabling us to offer a lifetime guarantee.

Over the years MUSTO have supported many an adventurer and with the Evolution Range we want to encourage everyone to embark on their very own "Marine Adventure.”

And taking a look at just a few products from the Evolution range it would seem that whatever you have planned, MUSTO have it covered:

MUSTO se2480 burnt orangeTop of the range Evolution Survival Gore-Tex Primaloft Parka:
Made with two-layer, waterproof GORE-TEX® fabric and insulated with Primaloft® Gold Down Blend, it features a 3 way adjustable hood, raised silicon patches to reinforce backpack stress points and anatomical ventilation face guard.






MUSTO Artic Primaloft Parka BlackArctic Gore-Tex Primaloft Parka:
Forrest Green
GORE-TEX® shell fabric and PrimaLoft® wadding offers unrivalled breathability and durability even when wet.
High protective collar, 3 way adjustable wadded hood and articulated sleeves are just some of the features.




MUSTO Evolution Expedition 28lEvolution Expedition 28l Backpack:
Hypalon® mountings with external shock chords and toggles and full base waterproofing & roll-top closure make this a must have backpack for any adventure.




MUSTO Performance Gore Tex GlovesPerformance Gore-Tex Gloves: 
With breathable and durable waterproof GORE-TEX® insert, articulated fingers and Clarino™ palms, these gloves are the ultimate in performance wear.





The American actor, writer and producer, Carl Reiner once described snow as “an unnecessary freezing of water” but thankfully there’s a whole industry out there who would disagree with him. Whether you’re into bobsleigh, luge, skating, ski bobbing, skiing, skijoring, ski jumping, slalom, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowkiting, snow biking, snow drifting or ultra-racing; once the winter bug has got you you’re well and truly caught. 

And you’ll need to be kitted out. So if you’re planning your own adventure or just looking for something for that special someone in your life, why not check out the MUSTO Christmas Gifts

This post is sponsored by MUSTO

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