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Kiting’s not the cheapest sport to get into. With kites ranging from £700 - £1,300 and board costs coming in at £300 - £1,000; getting started takes some serious dollar.
Wanting the latest gear is fine, affording it is another thing!  Unless you live in that elusive place where the wind is a constant speed, you’re going to need more than one kite and then there’s the harness and wetsuits etc, etc, etc; before you know it you’re looking at a small mortgage just to get kitted out!
But that’s where KiteOutlet come in.
KiteOutlet does what it says on the tin; they buy up older stock from dealers and manufacturers and with a good range of gear from the top brands, offer knock down prices on kites, boards, wetsuits and accessories.
Ordering is simple; if you see it on the website, then it’s in stock and with their price match guarantee, you’re sure of the best prices in Europe.

And if you’ve got any old gear you can trade that in too!

Check out the Kiteoutlet website to see their range of products:

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