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Jo Wilson Raley

Well our old friend Jo has been busy this year and it shows. With an array of new moves in her arsenal to compete with the big guns on the International Tour she has been attracting interest from all over.

 Including a TV programme called Dangerous Jobs for Girls for more about it click below.

So Jo was in SA training when the call came through to go for the TV program in an apartment room next to mine when I was awoken by a screem to match any horror movie.

Bleary eyed, shocked, and bemused I made my way to the dining room to see Jo jumping and dancing around like a banshee.

She'd just been accepted to take part in a challenging TV program about dangerous jobs that had previously only been done by men. Sounds about right for our Jo who is never one to back down from a challenge. That is more or less all she knew, except it would probably be Australia. So with a hectic few days trying to rearrange her already busy schedule she was buzzing to say the least.

So with a postponement of her training and the shoots we were doing off she went to take part in this crazy idea for a TV program.

Having spoken to her since her return (albeit briefly) she seems to have relished the entire experience.

All she will say is watch the program to find out what happens.

Apparently the series starts on chanel 4 in the UK on Wednesday 30th July 2008 at 10 pm so tune in to find out how she coped!

Below is an extract from her own website

So I just arrived back from Australia after having taken part television documentary below. I have taken this press release from Ricochet - the television companies' own website. It is and it has lots of inforamtion about other cool programmes as well.

Is is really still a man's world? Each week three different highly skilled, motivated and competitive women - who are used to winning - will travel to the last places on earth where men and male values still rule. There they will compete against each other as they try to take on the last bastions of masculinity.

In the wilds of British Columbia, the women must battle treacherous weather conditions to work on one of very few logging camps open throughout the winter - 44 male workers alone died last year felling. In the African Bush, their task is to hunt and kill antelope alongside professional hunters.

In Australia they must live and fish off the coast of Tasmania with its notoriously unpredictable swells. Whilst in Brazil, their mission is live the life of the Pantanerios - local cowboys - herding, branding, lassoing and castrating the cattle.

They may be winners in their own field, but can these women live like men, learn the skills they will need to survive in the harshest of conditions and beat their male counterparts at their own game?



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