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ExPix Athlete Profiles - The ‘Who’s Who’ for the Extreme Sports World

From Groms to World Champions, Amateurs to Pros; Extreme and Action Sports Riders or Athletes, whatever you want to call them, are the people that drive the extreme and action sports world. They’re dedicated to the cause; crazy enough to take the risks, willing put their body on the line and always ready to go that extra mile to take their sport to the very limits.

This section is in honour of those riders and the inspiration they give to us mere mortals!


Megan 'Megzy' Barker burst onto the wakeboarding competition scene two years ago with a win at the Wakestock Big Air. From that moment on all eyes were on her! Coming from 'nowhere' to win such an event made people sit up and take notice and she was soon dealing with sponsorship offers.

Moving down to London to work alongside LDB Wake School, her riding has matured under the guidance of Lee Debuse (LDB).

This year 2013 she is still the same crazy, zaney Megzy we all know and love BUT she took the National Boat Title, Wakestock Boat Champion and topped of her hatrick by claiming the womens European Boat Champion.

ExPix and everyone else will be keeping an eye on this pocket rocket from Yorkshire for teh foreseeable future.


Megzy Barker British, European and Wakestock female Boat Champion 2013

Name: Meg Barker
Date of Birth: 02.07.93
Place of Birth: Up North
Current Home Town: Shepperton
Years Riding: 7ish!?
Home Riding Spot: LDB Wakeschool JB Ski
Equipment of Choice: O'Brien Skyla
Favourite Piece of Equipment: Screws... what holds everything together.
Sponsors: LDB Wakeschool, Breathe Boardwear, Ultra Sport EU
Brief Biography & Description of Yourself:
I'm a shorty from up north. Little but loud! I ride as its an escape and freedom, time to do your own thing. A place i can sing were no one can hear me.
Favourite spot:
Portugal as its the flattest lake ever with no corners. drive for miles on end.

Achievements so far:
UK Junior and Open Ladies National Champion 2012, European Junior Ladies champion 2012.
UK Open National Boat Champion 2013, Wakestock Boat Champion 2013, European Boat Champion 2013
What are your goals?

Go big or go home.

To become one of the top riders and teach others to high levels


Food; Noodles
Music: Anything that makes me smile

Film: In Gods Hands - surf film

Who would you most like to meet, past or presentand why?
Amber Wing for a shred and a skate

If you won the lottery what would you buy first?
flight to america
If you could have or do anything in the world, what would it be?
wakeboard every day in the states or aussy land

What would you do if you got the 4min warning?
Eat chocolate
What colour Smartie would you be?
blue cause im always so hyper

Meg Barker x


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